The Concept

        Designing, fabricating and flying Aero Models

Alignment with Curriculum

  • Fabrication techniques
  • Appreciation of materials and physical properties
  • Concepts of flying and related dynamics


Tier-1  Tier-2  Tier-3
Build an aero model using the supplied kit and fly it successfully
How to make the model? Link Is available above.

Calculate the proportions of RACER 520 AMELIA aero model from a wing span length of 25cm using given design guidelines to achieve different performance such as long distance, long duration, taking turns and twists etc. No kits will be provided for Tier II and aero model has to be made from card boards only

Fabricate a radio controlled aero model and fly it successfully

Kits & Aids

        Pre-printed boards for Tier-1, training material and RC kit for Tier-3

Competition Rules

  • Actual modeling done off line
  • Ask for report 1 month ahead (1st September)
  • Demonstration and interview at the competition


  • Team size: 5 students
  • Number of teams for Tier-1 = number of members / 10
  • 1 team from each college moves to tier 2(Flying rules to be changed)
  • 4 teams from each division moves to tier 3(make it SAE international Standard)

Judging Criteria

Tier-1  Tier-2  Tier-3

Craftsmanship – from display - 20%
Flying straight and long – from flight trials -30%
Smooth landing – from flight trials -20%
Understanding parts of aero model and their role in flight characteristics – from interview – 30%  

Craftsmanship – from display - 10%
Design calculations and drawings – from design records- 20%
Flying distance / time closeness to prediction – from flight trials- 20%
Smooth landing – from flight trials- 10%
Achieving non-linear flights – from flight trials-20%
adjusting flight characteristics – from interview- 20%

Craftsmanship – from display - 10%
Design calculations and drawings – from design records- 20%
Smooth take off and landing – from flight trials- 20%
Flying defined path and acrobatics -from flight trials - 30%
Scientific explanation of flight characteristics – from interview- 20%  

Judging Criteria

  • Remains same for tier one and tier 2
  • Tech -inspection to be introduced for better and safer competition
  • Include international standards.
  • Ask students to make their own different design as per international rulebook.